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Post  Giammaio on Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:35 am

-What are Fatal Points?
Fatal points are points which are gather able trough out the forums, and when reached a certain amount will give you access to The private Resources section of the forums.

-What is The private Resources Section
This section will contain a decent amount of c4d's textures, effects and psd pack(from moderate to intermediate) Which are not easily reperible online, and can only be found at some specific websites.

-Who has access to it?
As in right now only me and Phoenix have access to it, and will be adding stuff regularly, no other staff member will be allowed in the section unless they earn it.

-How many points do I need to access the section?
You will need 100 Fatal points

-How do i get points?
Point can be gathered by winning SOTW by winning signature battles by winning official tournaments and finally by winning team contests.

-I will be part of the exclusive members?
If you do get access to the section it will only last you a month, Also if we see you sharing those resources with friends whilst they are not allowed access the section, you will banned for 1 week and will go -200 points, which will mean it will be nearly impossible for you to regain access to the section.

-List of points that can be obtained on the forum.

+Winning SOTW will get you 10 points
+Winning a signature Battle will get you 5 points
-Losing a signature Battle will be losing 3 points.
+Winning a Team Battle will get you 15 points
-Losing one will be losing 7 points for each member of the team.
+Winning an official Fatal Tournament Will get you 80 points.

Good luck everyone and try hard.
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