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Post  +UP.StormFX on Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:02 pm

Hello and welcome to FatalProject, if you're new or just a member looking for guidance here is your place.
The forum rules, the forum rules should be followed by everybody not just members, moderators/global moderators and admins alike.

Graphics Design.
CNC is required, CNC means Constructive Critisim, in every tag you MUST use this, no 'Good Tag, 8.' you must give a detailed CNC on every artwork.
No ripping, none at all, no layer ripping either.
Double posting, is a no-no, if it's because of your internet connection please edit the second post to something like 'Sorry for double post, bad internet connection'.

Do you want to make a team?
If so, have a team name, a 90x50 banner with your team name, and 1 main leader, 1 co cap, and 2 members = a total of four members. Then, you must be approved by the Team Coordinator, StormFX.

Once you have been approved, PM Pheonix and he will gladly create your team forums.

For classing, you must class every piece seperately.
No saying... 'LOLZIF U IZ LOW NOVICE'.
You must give a detailed CNC to the person being classed.

Any +18 pics are NOT allowed on this forum in any section.
If posting could lead into a ban.
Please follow this to avoid any punishment which might come to you.

No advertising.
Unless, you're linking to a resource pack, ofcourse that's fine.

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